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SF Puppy Prep’s daycare program of stimulation & training is just for puppies under 5 months of age—the ideal start in life for your puppy.

The first 20 weeks of a puppy's life is the critical socialization period. What puppies learn during this key developmental stage determines whether they become happy, well-adjusted adult dogs. Enrolling in our daycare program guarantees your pup the comprehensive learning he or she needs.

2 hour weekday "play and train" sessions
Our daycare is unique and taylored to the needs of young pups and parents alike. We recognize that an all day program can be exhausting and overstimulating. Not only do young pups need down-time, they also need to learn how to be independent and enjoy time alone, a necessary life-skill that assures you that your pup is relaxed and content when you're at work, or need your own down-time.

Leave it all to us--our expert puppy counselors pick up and drop off your pups--ensuring that we follow your routine to the letter. Check out what a day at our daycare is like.

What Daycare Does

Runs the engine. To be healthy and well-behaved your puppy needs to wrestle, run, and play.
Works the mind. Playing with other puppies and interacting with the Puppy Counselors is great education for small canine minds. It’s like math puzzles for pups.
Strengthens manners. Anything you’ve taught your puppy at home or in class, we’ll reinforce.
Boosts confidence. A daily routine of positive, safe, and fun encounters with humans and other pups creates happy, trusting puppies.
Relieves guilt. Working long hours? With us your puppy gets all the attention and exercise he could possibly want.
Prevents future trouble. Behavior problems like chewing, digging, and nuisance barking can drive doggie parents to distraction. All are easily preventable with exercise and training.

At Puppy Daycare, We Have…
Up to 4 playgroups, based on size and temperament, so all puppies enjoy themselves.
Certified trainers on staff supervising play and training.
At least 2 trained Puppy Counselors in each room who monitor the pups, using time-outs and brief reward-based training sessions to teach good playgroup behavior.
Naptime (during the ride home from school), toys, snacks,
you name it.
Customized flooring to protect small paws.
Leading-edge health & sanitation protocols.
House-training, crate training, and alone-time training protocols put in place for your pup.


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A Day At Puppy Daycare

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The Best Part?

We pick up! Our Puppy School Bus stops by your house every morning and drops off your tired, happy puppy again in the afternoon. Can you drop off and pick up your pup yourself? See our:
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