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This is not your typical daycare

SF Puppy Prep's new Dayschool is the fast track to the perfect puppy! It's a daytime training and socialization experience exclusively for pups as young as 8 weeks, at the most critical time in their development. We equip your pup with everything she needs to be a confident, relaxed, well-mannered dog you’ll be proud to take anywhere.

Early socialization and training is the necessary foundation that city puppies need to thrive.  The first 18 weeks of a puppy's life is the critical socialization period. What puppies learn during this key developmental stage determines whether they become happy, well-adjusted adult dogs.

We've designed the ultimate program specifically structured to maximize this fleeting opportunity. Enrolling in our dayschool program guarantees your pup the best head-start for life in the big city.

Why you will love it

You're short on time

You work long hours and have plenty else to do. At Dayschool, we take on the tough stuff so you can enjoy quality time with your puppy that’s frustration-free and fun.

You need some relief

We’ll work with your pup on the more frustrating puppy issues, like potty training, biting and mouthing, crate-training, and learning how to self entertain and relax when left alone.

You want a well-behaved pup

We’ll get your puppy hooked on training by mixing it with play and making it fun. While every puppy learns at a different pace, our curriculum includes setting up essential city-savvy behavior such as Recall, Leave-its, Loose-leash walking, Sits, Downs, and Stays.

Some peace of mind would be great, too

We’ll help vaccinate your puppy against common behavior pitfalls like separation anxiety, resource guarding , under-socialization, fear, and aggression through our fun socialization program.

You hate thinking about her home alone all day

Drop her at Dayschool and know she’s having a grand time learning to play appropriately with her mates and become a social superstar.

A puppy-raising support system sounds really good

We support you as well as your puppy. We’ll send her home tuckered out, and we’ll be here to help with any questions or challenges you encounter.

A Day at Puppy Dayschool

Each day at Dayschool is structured to give your pup just the right combination of training time, play time, and chill out time to send her home as tired, happy, and well-behaved as she can be.

She’ll enjoy the attention and gentle direction of constant trainer supervision as she goes about learning to grow up into the perfect dog, ready to take on the city in stride, by your side.

At Puppy Dayschool, We Have…
Playgroups, based on size and temperament, so all puppies enjoy themselves.
Certified trainers on staff supervising play and training.
At least 2 trained Puppy Counselors in each room who monitor the pups, using time-outs and brief reward-based training sessions to teach good playgroup behavior.
Naptime, kongs, toys, snacks,
you name it.
Customized flooring to protect small paws.
Leading-edge health & sanitation protocols.
House-training, crate training, and alone-time training protocols put in place for your pup.


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A Day At Puppy Daycare

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