Social News & Schedule
  Socials will not be held on June 29 & July 4th

Every Friday is
Puppy Happy Hour!

Wine, cheese, and puppies, oh my!!

Beast of the Bay winner

Best Puppy Social, 2011!

Young Puppy Socials
For pups  between 10-18 weeks

Sundays:                                     10:30-11:30am

Wednesdays:                              7:30-8:30pm

Fridays (happy hour)              7:30-8:30pm

All puppy socials are  15.00 (exact change)

(SF puppy Prep training & daycare clients get one free social).

No pre-registration required.
Please bring proof of  at least 1 set of vaccination.
All pups must have had at least one puppy wellness check by a veterinarian 7 days prior to attending their first social.



puppy Socials

We hold several weekly puppy socials, as well as a weekly social for small breed dogs culminating with our
Friday Night "Puppy Happy Hour"!

Your pup will play, romp, wrestle, fetch, tug, and pick up all-important social skills. You’ll sip some wine, kick back, and share house-training tips with other puppy parents. Bring a friend, your whole family, or a date.

Wine, cheese, and cookies for puppy parents
Play monitored by certified trainers

All Socials are held at our school:

251 6th st., (between Folsom and Howard)

Requirements and what to bring:

  • Your Puppy/small dog on leash.
  • Yummy treats.
  • A copy of your puppy’s vaccination records.
  • Please conduct a quick puppy "wellness" check for any symptoms of diarrhea, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, eyes, etc. Puppies are easy targets for "common colds" or pesky parasites and we want to try to keep as healthy an environment as possible.  Puppies will not be permitted to attend socials if they have had any of these symptoms in the past 48 hours.



Sunday Puppy Social 10:30-11:30 am

Pups must be between 10-18wks old with 1 sets of vaccinations

(1 set ok with pre-registration:

What better way to start out your Sunday with your busy little pup! Give him a wonderful hour of play, socialization, and appropriate outlets for those barracuda teeth. Get a chance to chat with one of our expert puppy trainers, and after, kick back and enjoy the rest of your weekend!



Wednesday Puppy Social  7:30-8:30pm

Pups must be between 10-18 wks old with 2 sets of vaccinations

(1 set ok with pre-registration:

This social is an hour of over-the-top puppy cuteness and fun, but the best part is that while you mingle with other new puppy parents, your puppy is learning how to have a social life and appropriate ways to say "let's play"!

Puppy play teaches them proper "bite inhibition" by play-biting on other pups instead of your hands. Socials give them one jam-packed hour of exercise, guaranteeing you a super relaxed puppy that's much easier to live with! 

Get a chance to chat with one of our expert puppy trainers, always on-hand to monitor play and ensure that everyone--puppy and parent--have a great experience!


Friday night Happy Hours!

Wine, Cheese, and Tugtoys! Drop-in.

Puppy Happy Hour 7:30-8:30pm

(For puppies between 10-18 weeks old with 2 sets or more of DHPP vaccinations)

It's always TGIF at our puppy happy hour! It's our biggest weekly social and there's no better way to begin your weekend! We use both floors and divide up pups by temperament and size to ensure everyone has a great play-mate.  Wine and cheese is served--so come and chillax with us while your puppy gets to be a total party animal!!



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